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June 14th at the Shepherdess

Friday, May 26th, 2006

The third installment of the Breakfast club will be held at the Shepherdess, 221 City Road. This is by popular request (well, Lem’s request really) – and also in the hopes of not spending 15 minutes of what should be serene morning eating time being deafened by the smoke alarm at the Troy cafe.
The Shepherdess is reputed to be a most excellent breakfast establishment as you can see from the review linked below, so I am looking forward greatly to testing the water there, so to speak. Although, for water, read ‘coffee’.

Map can be found here

Review can be found here

Time will be as per usual, 7:30am – 9am. Don’t miss it!

Shepherdess Cafe

Previous Breakfasts

Friday, May 26th, 2006

have been had at the troy cafe on kingsland road, and were very nice; being both plentiful and reasonably priced. However now we’re looking for somewhere new as last time the smoke alarm kept going off and deafening everyone which kind of defeated the point of meeting for a meal and a bit of a chat.

So suggestions please, my personal choice is the shepherdess on city road, but i’m more than willing to be overuled in favour of somewhere else (as long as it’s convenient to get to)

Troy Cafe