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Mmmm … breakfast!

Monday, June 19th, 2006

And so it begins.  A somewhat poor turnout – with several notable promised attendees being nowhere to be seen (*cough* .. Dhiren .. *cough*) – and others arriving just as we were leaving (*cough* … Emeric & Hedvika … *cough*).  Nevertheless, breakfast was had, and that is the main thing.

Impressions of the Shepherdess – it’s not cheap.  And it’s not especially veggie friendly.  But they do serve the most enormous Danish pastries that you have ever seen.  Really.  Check the picture … but anyway, there’s also the problem that there’s not really enough room in there, so we are on the lookout for the next venue.   Details will be here, as and when.  And make sure you don’t wimp out of the next one, OK!?!



Breakfast number 1*– success

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

not that you can really fail at breakfast (or at least if you can i don’t want to know about it; i’m happy under my rock of ignorance) but we went to ‘The Shepherdess’ and ate food accompanied by several cups of coffee – attendance was down a bit, but then the weather wasn’t great (though i’d have thought breakfast would be even more appealing in that situation)

looking to go somewhere else next time, as while it was quite a nice cafe (and the danish pastry i had was larger than the plate it came on!) it was a little too busy to have a decent chat in, so suggestions please, though they need to be soon so we can make a decision around the end of the month in time for the next breakfast which will be on the 12th of July (that’s the wednesday after the world cup final btw)

oh and we took some photos, so those will be up here soon

*yes we have had a couple already, but this was the first organised here