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Breakfast at Remo’s

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Justin at Remo's


Lem at Remo's


Brief write-up of Remo’s – good quality breakfast, they bring you a plate literally brimming with food.  Coffee was also good – however, after an extra coffee and an orange juice plus the service charge, it didn’t work out so cheap.  Still, if you keep yourself to a standard 3/4 item breakfast (which comes with tea/coffee and toast) it would be under a fiver, which isn’t bad.

Latest arrival – 8:30am … just scraping in there!  Hot topic of discussion this morning was when would be best to go to the Tate Modern and have a go on their fancy helter-skelter.  Unanimous decision was “certainly not until this breakfast’s had a chance to settle”.

edit: woo hoo, i have finally got round to adding some photos i took – apologies for the quality as they were taken with my phone (which is a bit pants) – in the first one you might just about be able to make out our sign; cunningly it says “breakfast wednesdays” on it

October Breakfast – Bar Remo, W1

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

OK, so this is one for all those who complained about breakfast being held too far out.  This one is right in the centre of London, so let’s have no lame excuses from anyone this time!   Here’s a review of the venue. It’s right outside Oxford Circus tube too, for maximum convenience … here’s the map

See you there – as per usual, any time 7:30am – 9am, all welcome!  I want to see good turn-out for this, so get the day in your diary, ok?  Wednesday 11th October.  Apologies for absence will be accepted only if sent in advance and accompanied by a signed affadavit from your lawyer, verifying the vital nature the committment that prevents you from attending. 

Breakfast – Chicago style

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

As I was unable to be at the London breakfast in September, due to being a few thousand miles out of the way, I took it upon myself to internationalise the grand institution that is Breakfast Wednesday.  It was originally my plan to hold it in a greasy diner, so as to adhere as closely as possible to the principles of Breakfast Wednesday – however as my co-breakfasters in Chicago were leaving later that day for a trip to Venezuela and needed to go somewhere with wifi access for some last minute preparations, we had to go somewhere a bit classier.  But let us not forget the wise old saying – “better a healthy breakfast than no breakfast at all”. 

Breakfast Chicago

One significant advantage of the American breakfast experience is the general availability of free refills on coffee and other essential beverages.  This, I feel, is a practice that English caffs should take note of.  Will add more pics later.