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well that sunk me for the day

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

a big plate of reasonably priced food (and slightly overly milky coffee) sorted me out good and proper for the rest of day, and certainly made the very dull job i do more bearable

i’m sure joel will add a few of his thoughts to this, but for the moment this will have to do as i’m too hungover to write any more

Joel :

Well, it took me a little while but here indeed are my thoughts – a very decent sized breakfast at the Titanic Cafe, and what’s more our first truly multimedia breakfast. In the second photo here, you can see Justin tucking into a real breakfast, while Jenny cooks a virtual breakfast on the Nintendo DS. No, that’s no joke. She’s playing “Cooking Mama” … of the increase of breakfasting, there shall be no end.

Cafe Titanic J&J

Oh, and also, big thanks to Russell for the link from his Eggs, Bacon, Chips and Beans blog. Onward and upward – may the breakfasting continue! Details of the next brek to be posted soon!