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please be upstanding for a toast to breakfast

Friday, April 27th, 2007

as we head to “Toast” in May – yes there really is a cafe by that name, and while i’m not sure whether that’s all it sells we’re going to go there and eat our fill. i do feel that it’s my duty to warn you that it it’s not a proper cafe in the usual sense of the word in that it doesn’t open until 8 (i fear they have delusions of posh) but at least this means a slightly less early start than usual – as such i expect a decent turnout as the “it’s too early” excuse just won’t cut it this month.

  • Date: May 9th 2007
  • Time: around 8:00 til 9:30
  • Cafe: Toast
  • Address: 11 South Molton Street, map here

btw this really ought to be required reading for all those who intend to come – don’t worry, there isn’t going to be a quiz or anything, it’s just quite a good book about burnt bread

mmm... toast

Birthday Breakfast at Muratori

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

So, Breakfast Wednesdays turns 1 year old! This was celebrated in proper BW style at Muratori, Farringdon Road. Adrian was the lucky recipient of the free breakfast. The food was excellent, definitely highly recommended. The staff cannot be faulted either – very friendly and helpful, even brought us a knife for the birthday cake, and a lighter too (which was handy as despite bringing the candles, Brekmeister failed to bring anything to light them with)

Sadly there is one drawback to report: the beverage situation is somewhat dire. The only drinkable cuppa is black coffee. The white coffee looks like tea, and tastes like bitter milk – and the tea seemed like it had been scooped out of the Thames. The black coffee was fine though. That said, I would happily breakfast there again .. the mushroom omlette was sumptuous, and the accompanying chips were close to perfection. The place is clean and the decor is proper caff style, without being tacky. Which is quite an achievement actually.

We’re currently deciding on the next three venues, so if you have any suggestions then now is the time! There was a somewhat controversial suggestion that we should go somewhere healthy next time. We’re a bit doubtful about whether this is in keeping with the ethos of Breakfast Wednesdays, but we’ve agreed to look for at least one place that has some kind of healthy option on the menu. Never let it be said that we’re afraid to experiment with the dark side of breakfasting!

birthday cake

Below: The first arrival to Muratori, and thus the lucky winner of the FREE birthday breakfast!

Breakfast At Muratori

Birthday Celebration

Friday, April 6th, 2007

At the next breakfast we will be one year old, so make sure you come along and join in the party (there will be cake) – anyway, in case you’ve forgotten, here are the details:

  • Date: April 11th 2007
  • Time: around 07:30 til 9:30
  • Cafe: Muratori
  • Address: 162 Farringdon Road, map here

ooh look, bribery: as an extra bonus added incentive, Joel will buy breakfast for whoever is the first Breakfast Wednesday-er to turn up – whether it be a regular, or a complete stranger! Of course, if more than one person arrives before him, then you’ll just have to fight between you to claim the prize.