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Breakfast: the new luxury

Monday, September 17th, 2007

As if the world does not have enough problems on its plate, this week the Times exclusively revealed that the price of Breakfast is set to rise steeply. Let’s hope it doesn’t filter through to the caffs too soon. Or that we all get fantastic pay rises so that we can continue to afford our monthly privilege of a platter of greasy nosh.

Fried egg

well we cleaned that one

Friday, September 14th, 2007

having had a couple of drinks the night before i was greatly appreciative of food, coffee and coke to restore me to full working order

other people turned up too, which was a bonus; though the ordering of a bagel was a bit of a wrongun in my view

breakfast remains

Breakfast at Julia’s

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Well, breakfast at Julia’s Meadow to be precise. But that doesn’t make quite such a snappy title. Contrary to Lem’s disgraceful accusation, I have been hard at work seeking the views of The People with regard to our future venues, and scouting out possible eateries. The Julia’s Meadow caff, despite its upmarket pretensions, offers a full english for a respectable four pounds, and also has bagels and other such healthy alternatives available for the heathens among us who have expressed aversion to the gospel of the greasy spoon.

Julia's Meadow

As for location, it is very central, so there’s no excuse! The Tube strike will not be accepted as a valid reason for absence! The caff is to be found on Newman Street, which runs inbetween Goodge Street and Oxford Street. For a map, click here

Date: Wednesday 12th September. Time, as per usual, is 7:30am-9am, drop in whenever you can. In fact, since I work just round the corner I can be there until about 9.25am. And probably will be. Why be in work before you have to?

ooh crikey, it’s September already

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

was hoping Joel would have written something about the last breakfast by now, but it appears he’s being even lazier than i am – at least i have an excuse, several even; firstly i missed August’s breakfast due to a dodgy kebab the night before (yes i should know better, but at that time of the day i just needed food) then i’ve been busy with plans and holidays

anyway, in just over a week there will be another breakfast, which come hell or high water (though this seems more likely these days) i will make it to; the only problem is we don’t have a venue arranged yet – this will be rectified shortly so check back soon breakfasters!