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New Year, new faces

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

What a turnout! Clearly the wintery conditions, both meterological and economic have brought the masses flocking to the warmth and comfort of a hearty breakfast with good company. General consensus was that Leon gained high marks for quality, if perhaps leaving a little to be desired on in the quantity department.

Porridge proved a popular choice, despite a distinct lack of Scottish representation among the attendees. Murmurs of discontent were heard from some parts in relation to the rather modest size of the breakfast baps. For my part, I was more than satisfied with my roast mushroom bap with plum tomatoes. The bread was delicious and filling, and the mushrooms inside perfectly cooked – although could have done with being slightly hotter.

The cafe itself was clean and spacious, with cheerful and bright decor and the staff were certainly friendly enough. The coffee was up to a good standard and, in deference to the need to absolve myself of the usual Christmas excesses, I followed it up with a lemon, ginger and mint “quencher” .. which was actually extremely good considering how healthy it was. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention – despite being right on the Strand and in the heart of the London tourist trap, this place is cheap! Which is a very important consideration at this time of year!

All said, I would happily go back to Leon for a bite to eat – it’s not your typical greasy spoon by any means but what it does, it does pretty darn well. Greetings to all the newcomers – was great to see you all! Hope to see you all again!

Breakfast at Leon

 With myself, and another arrival after I took the photo, we had a grand turnout of 9 this month which easily beats our previous best which I think was six at Cafe Troy.  This is clearly a good omen for the year ahead.

N.B. A quick tour of the environs on my way into work reveals a host of potentials for next month, including the Charles Dickens coffee house (although a cursory look at the menu didn’t show a host of breakfast options), Diana’s Diner, La Torre, or the Exeter (which all look to be proper caffs). Any preferences, please comment to let us know.

Resolutions be damned!

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Yes it may be new year, and yes you may have resolved to eat more healthily, but it’s breakfast dammit; you don’t want to go lite on it otherwise how are you going to get through the day?  Besides, you need some proper sustenance to keep you going on these cold winter mornings.

Anyway January’s breakfast is at Leon’s on The Strand (73-76 The Strand, WC2R 0DE), which may (or may not) be run by an assassin with the aid of a little girl – we aim to find out on Wednesday the 9th at the regular time of 7.30ish.