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Fed and watered by the Viaduct

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Even the late start of eight o’clock wasn’t quite late enough as despite promising to serve breakfast from 8.00 – 10.30 AM they didn’t open the doors until around quarter past, this was one black mark against them. Once we finally managed to get inside it was all quite pleasant, though there is always something slightly disconcerting about walking into an empty pub (mostly because it never happens).

pub interior

Then we got to ordering and found that despite a full english breakfast being advertised, all that was available were breakfast sandwiches with a choice of two fillings out of tomato, egg, sausage and bacon (only the egg was off) so another black mark there too.

Anyway, when the food arrived it was very nice, or at least my sausage and bacon one was with the contrast of the crispy bacon and the chewy sausage in nice soft bread (and not forgetting a healthy dollop of brown sauce) all working very well together

breakfast sarnie

Drinks wise, booze was apparently available but with everyone heading into work straight afterwards no-one was brave enough to take up this option and so we just stuck to tea/coffee; given how boring my day in the office then was perhaps this was a mistake and I should have gone for a pint instead.

Overall the experience was just that, an experience; just a distinctly mediocre, middle of the road type one as there was just about enough positive to counteract the negative (though I’m probably being generous; having to wait outside a pub for it to open is not a fun experience) but it’s not one I would care to repeat.

Breakfast and … beer!

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Yes, it is true. We are finally going to join those two great bastions of British culture, breakfast and beer, as we hold the next Breakfast Wednesday in a pub! The watering hole in question is the Viaduct Tavern on Newgate Street.*

The nearest tubes will therefore be St. Pauls, Blackfriars or Farringdon (or so it looks on Google Maps). Actually I can’t guarantee that the pub’s license will extend to serving alcohol at that time in the morning, but they definitely have a sign outside saying they do breakfast, and that has to be tried out really. One side-effect of choosing this venue is that we will be forced to begin at the slightly tardy time of 8am, since they don’t open till then. Shocking, I know!

I’m not sure that I can really improve much on the fine photos and review of Full English below for the Casa Cafe. Suffice to say that despite having scouted out this venue myself AND printed a map the night before, I still managed to take a wrong turn out of the tube and walk half way to Oxford Street before I realised I was heading in the wrong direction, and had to turn back. After that strenuous early morning exercise, cardboard would have tasted good so judgement is probably best left to my colleague.

*UPDATE:  Venue is confirmed – the Viaduct Tavern – to get to it, follow the exit from St. Paul’s for “Newgate Street”.  Coming out of the exit turn left and cross over the double crossing to get to Newgate Street, which is the one straight ahead of you (not the one going off to the right).  Walk straight along, past BT and all the swanky law firms, and it’s on your right on the corner of Newgate Steet and Giltspur Street

Mi Casa, Su Casa

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Except that wouldn’t really work as a basis for a cafe if you want to make money, so let’s ignore the title and concentrate on the breakfast itself…

Since it was a nice day I chose the option of breakfasting outside on the pavement, and this worked out quite well until the sun went in and it suddenly got a tad colder. Fortunately the food arrived at this point, along with other breakfasters, which was nice and was consumed (the food, not the other attendees) – too many beans for my liking, but the sausage, egg and bacon were well done enough to more than make up for this.

plate of breakfast


Hopefully my cullinary comrade will be along shortly to provide details of the next breakfast experience (which i think is going to be in a pub, and could be the best breakfast in the world) and maybe add a few thoughts of his own about La Casa Cafe.