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The end of the world…

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

didn’t happen, saved I would like to think through the power of breakfast rather than there having been no chance that it might be destroyed in the first place; damn scientists, if they’re going to hole themselves up in a massive underground bunker full of equipment the least they could do is come up with a death ray or something (surely a few of them must be evil geniuses right?). Anyway, enough with that and on to talk about the breakfast itself.

The pub, once you find it, is quite nice and was slowly emptying of the market traders when I arrived and then slowly filled back up again with not quite so early birds as they. Unfortunately it appeared that some of the staff either weren’t early risers or had decided that what with it being the end of the world they’d rather die at home in the comfort of their bed instead of at work and so the service was a tad slow.

The food though, once it arrived, was pretty good (and given the price, so it should have been) and due to being so close to a butcher’s market was quite meat heavy; e.g. the mushrooms in the picture below aren’t actually mushrooms and are in fact kidneys.

cooked breakfast

They also do a Butcher’s Breakfast in which basically everything is meat of some kind and a couple of our party went for this option (a picture will follow shortly once we get organised) and apparently it was good.

All in all it was a very pleasant experience, and being able to watch the morning news on the big screen telly made it seem quite chilled out, so yeah I would go back again but hopefully it would be on a day when both they have enough people behind the bar and that I don’t have to go to work so I can have a pint at some ungodly hour of the day.

Before the cock crows three times …

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

… he’ll have his head chopped off and served up on a platter as a garnish to a stupendous breakfast at the Cock Tavern, in Smithfields market.  Or so I am led to believe, anyway.  To find out the truth of the matter, this venue has been chosen for the next Breakfast Wednesday (10th September), where the usual crowd (or should that be ‘unusual crowd’?  Hmm!) will trickle in sporadically from about 7.30am until 9am-ish to enjoy the sumptuous fare provided by this well-regarded caff.

Being bang inside the biggest fresh meat market in London (apart from possibly Carwash in Shoreditch on a Saturday night) should mean that our breakfasts will be made with the very best ingredients available.  And I have heard tell of certain special dishes on the breakfast menu here that are unobtainable anywhere else.

Before I post the obligatory picture of the prospective venue, let me preface by saying that I have been assured that it is most compelling example of the maxim that one should not judge an eatery by its facade.  With that said, here it is:

Cock Tavern

For anyone unfamiliar with the way this thing works, basically it’s just a bunch of people having breakfast.  If you think you can handle that, you’re welcome to come along!  We’ll be there from 7.30am (give or take 5 mins .. it quite early, after all!) and linger around until 8.30-9.00am whereupon we heave ourselves off to our various workplaces.

The location of the Cock Tavern is here (East Poultry Avenue).  It’s actually underneath the market, so you have to go down those steps you see in the photo above.  The nearest tube stations are Farringdon, Barbican or Chancery Lane.  See you there!

South London’s finest

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

I really need to start writing these up earlier as my recollection isn’t anywhere near as fresh as it was, so take this with a pinch of salt

Having tended towards laziness for the past few years when it comes to breakfasting venues, we tried something different in August and journeyed south of the river to Cafe Rossi – was actually easier to get to for me, but then a longer trek to work afterwards (not necessarily a good thing on a full stomach). Anyway the breakfast itself was rather good, though perhaps i should have looked at the menu to find out what the full english actually consisted of before ordering it as one of its parts was a portion of chips and they’re not something i’m that partial too first thing in the morning (though having said that they were good chips, assuming you like them crunchy rather than chipshop style soggy ones, mmm…). Also there were lots of beans, almost an ocean of them… okay so the picture doesn’t quite convey the quantity of them but i assure you there were loads (well that’s my recollection and despite any evidence to the contrary i’m sticking to it)

full english

They also do a fair selection of non full english type breakfasts such as the omelette pictured below (accompanied by a mass of chips – they really seem to like them in this place)


Toast – it wouldn’t be a breakfast without toast, so you’ll be glad to here that this is no exception and that it comes as a communal pile which helps keep it nice and warm (or at least go cold less quickly)

communal toast

All in all I thought the place was pretty good – had a slightly odd vibe though, as despite the name and a couple of random posters (which we didn’t sneak a picture of) it really didn’t seem all that italian with most of the menu being standard british fare, but I guess that’s just the way people like it round there.