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Tinseltown disclaimer

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

To anyone who turned up at TInseltown for last breakfast, apologies.  I can only say that there was some fairly vital information missing from the information Tinseltown’s website.  It should have gone something like this:

Tinseltown – 24 hour* diner

*N.B. “24 Hour” used here for illustrative purposes only.  Actual opening hours may be smaller than depicted.

Yes indeed.  The 24 hour diner was in fact closed when we arrived, for cleaning.  What a wonderfully chosen time to perform these duties – 7am til 10am.   Of course, there’s no chance that anyone might imagine that they could turn up to a 24 hour diner at, say, breakfast time and expect it to be open.  No, surely not.   It would truly be an astounding assumption that if, perchance, an establishment were to advertise a full breakfast menu its website, that it might actually be open during the hours at which one might want to take breakfast.

But enough about the never-again-to-be-mentioned place that has befouled  our spotless record of fine breakfasting organisation with its bare-faced misrepresentation and general all round uselesness.  Let us not dwell on that particular repository of shame a moment longer.

Leaving a note on the door with a phone number to guide any late arriving breakfasters to our whereabouts, we set out on a Breakfast seeking adventure around the streets of Farringdon, eventually settling down at the Madeira cafe, directly opposite Farringdon station.   This eatery, having the good grace to actually be serving food during its advertised period of business, we got our orders in as quickly as possible and awaited our much anticipated sustenance

The resulting spread was reasonable – not astounding by any stretch, but certainly a good sight better than sweet nothing at all which is ALL WE GOT AT TINSELTOWN!!  Sorry.  Distracted for a moment there.  Back to Cafe Madeira.  Standout features were:

  • Ciabatta toast.  A first in our breakfasting travels, and a superb addition to the standard breakfast repetoire.  Bonus points for this.
  • Only one sausage.  But the loooooooongest one you ever saw.   And cut in half, lengthways to look like two.  An interesting innovation – it formed a sort of barricade against which the sea of beans lapped, menacingly.  Sadly, my one at least was slightly overcooked.
  • Minus a point for delivering white coffees all round without asking how anyone would like theirs served

Also in favour of this caff, it’s about 2 seconds walk from Farringdon station, which counts for a lot when one is hungry.   Oh, and I nearly forgot.  Plus about a thousand bonus points for ACTUALLY BEING OPEN AT ALL.  Sorry.  Sorry.  Distracted again.   In all seriousness, although I wouldn’t necessarily rush back to Madeira, they do at least put their own unique slant onto the tried and tested Breakfast formula without straying too far from the straight and narrow.

November Barack-fast

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

So, it seemed appropriate to hold our November Breakfast somewhere fitting to celebrate the new era – and accordingly we will be having an American diner breakfast at Tinseltown in Farringdon.  This joint claims to be open 24/7 and offers a “Full Monty” breakfast that looks suspiciously similar to a full English, but with kosher ingredients (beef bacon anyone?)

For the less carniverously inclined, there’s also a proper looking full veggie breakfast, and omlettes on offer too.  The nearest tube is, would you guess it, Farringdon – and Barbican is also fairly near.  Here’s the map

We’ll be there from 7.30am, and as per usual it’s a case of drop in any time from then until, um, whenever really.  Well, ok, until 8.45ish when most people will be scooting off to work.  I will try to find where on earth I put the sign this time too – or else do up a new one.

So, the lowdown:

Where: Tinseltown, 44-46 St John St, London, EC1M 4DF

When: Wednesday November 12, 7.30am-9.00am

What: Breakfast, of course

Who: You!!

Exeter excitement

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

To be honest, the Exeter Caff visit was so long ago now that I can’t remember all that much about it other than the pretty momentous occasion of being graced by the presence of Ms DMG herself.  An honour without compare.  This was certainly a moment that needed recording for posterity, so that at least will stand in history as testament to the event.

Anyway, as I remember it, the breakfast was pretty decent but the toast was a bit of a let-down.  Oh yeah – and no mushrooms!   What’s that about!?   But otherwise thoroughly respectable.