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Alpino strikes back

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Following the dire consequences of the attempted adventurousness of last month’s breakfast, for the final morning meet-up of 2008 we decided to go back over some old ground and return to a tried and tested favourite, Alpino – last visited over a year ago, in November 2007.

Sadly, no spare cash floated my way this time, presumably the credit crunch has everyone keeping a lot better tabs on their money in case some nasty banker spirits it away in a high-grade structured credit enhanced leverage fund.

On the plus side, Alpino are still serving up the same top quality inflation (and belt) busting grub.  For a fiver, you can have yourself the aptly named ‘jumbo breakfast’ which consists of 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 black pudding, fried egg, mushrooms, toast and hash brown and a tea.  There’s no arguing with that really.

December turnout was also heartening – the magnificent seven squeezed round a table and received service with a smile from a wonderful Italian mama style proprietress, who admired the Brompton under the table, joked with us, and saw us off with a cheery “Come again!”.  The only cloud was the absence of Full English, who cried off with some story involving a cat, a dark staircase, and a twisted ankle.  Fortunately ice and bed rest appear to have done the trick, so hopefully it will be a one off.

Alpino’s, round 2

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Yes this is late notice (i thought everything had already been arranged – oops) but tomorrow, as we’ve had a request to go somewhere slightly more northerly than normal, we’re heading back to Alpino’s near Angel