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Tuck in at Tiffin’s!

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Forget snowstorms, forget tube and bus meltdown, forget the ungritted pavements, forget global economic upheaval, forget those post-Christmas credit card bills – there’s NO excuse not to come to Breakfast!  Especially not when it’s somewhere as special as Tiffin’s … with a menu that spans the globe, it’s a guarantee that there will be something there for every taste.

Ususal rules apply – come one, come all – whether you’ve been before or not, you are welcome!  7.30am is the official start time.  Officials reserve the right to arrive shortly after the official start time in extenuating circumstances.  You don’t have to be there start to finish, you can drop in any time, and leave whenever suits.  

Date of Breakfasting: Wednesday 11th February

Nearest tube is Chancery Lane.

Location: Tiffin’s, 24 Leather Lane

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Oh yes, and last thing … if anyone (and by anyone, I mean three shifty looking blokes in hoodies and bandannas) offers you a cheap slightly used Asus 904HD, a blocked Nokia N95, and a brown wallet with a bunch of bank cards and my driving license in – please summon the assistance of whoever happens to be in the vicinity, place the gentlemen in the stocks, and then drop me a line.   Much obliged!