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Breakfast on Broadway

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Ok, so it was Broadway Westminster rather than Broadway, New York – but there was a taste of America in event.  Specifically, in the sausages, which tasted very much like American sausages.  And not in a particularly good way.  In a kind of bland and processed way.   The overall quality of the breakfast was below average, with the solid yolks on the fried eggs and fairly lacklustre toast, and quite sparing portions of mushroom (an especially heinious sin in the Breakfast Wednesday book).  The one saving grace was that, for those who are able to stomach the stuff, apparently the bubble and squeak measured up well.  Unfortunately, this was not really enough to make up for the rest of the fare.  

However, Breakfast Wednesday was particularly glad to welcome our first Japanese guest – whom we can only hope was not too put off by the standard of this month’s fare.  Fortunately, our decision to recommend the bubble and squeak proved to be a good one.  Next venue will be announced shortly.  Keep watching!

Tucking in

A Broadway Breakfast

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Broadway Cafe

Date of Breakfasting: Wednesday 11th March

Nearest tube is St James’s Park.

Location: Broadway Café, 16 Broadway

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Tiffin talk

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Among the perils of moving house is that irritating intervening period without any internet access except from the dodgy 16 Pentim 200s in a basement ‘internet cafe’ in the grocery store.  ‘Internet dungeon’ more like.  Anyway, all this is a pathetic attempt to excuse the length delay between the occurrence of the last breakfast and the appearance of the write-up.  So how did Tiffin fare?

Let’s get the let-down out of the way first.  The curry was unfortunately only available to order for lunch, not to have for Breakfast, which was a source of disappointment to at least one adventurous breakfaster.  However, that aside, opinions did vary somewhat – with some ranking it among the top breakfasting experiences, and others who felt it was more of a ‘could do better’.   In fairness, it is a fundamental basic of breakfasting etiquette to offer a choice of brown or white bread, so although the Tiffin toast tower was impressive it could have been bettered by the simple offer of that option.

A teetering tower of toast

On the other hand, extra points were certainly in order for the fantastic concept of describing every single item on the menu as ‘Chef’s special’.  It’s exactly this sort of idiosyncrasy that marks out a proper caff.  Not only that, but the prices were extremely reasonable – even the “Chef’s Special Big Boy” – 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, black pudding, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, potato waffles, hash browns, toast and coffee – was a mere £5.90.  Now that’s what i call quantitative easing!

'You can have anything, as long as it's the Chef's special'

Service was prompt and friendly, and the breakfasts themselves were cooked well – it’s always refreshing to find somewhere that serves a properly cooked hash brown.  Some caffs just don’t get it, and appear to think that serving up any old  limp yellow slodge in a roughly triangular shape will do.  The clue is in the name .. hash browns should always be … brown!  Well these were brown indeed, and crispy and meltingly delicious to boot.   There was no faulting the cumberland sausage either, eggs arrived with their yolk intact and cooked through, the bacon was just as I liked it – soft and well cooked – there is a special fate reserved for those heretics who advocate crunchiness in breakfast bacon.  And, vitally, the mushrooms were plenteous.

A Tiffin breakfast (Chef's special, wouldn't you know!)

To round the whole experience off, it was a welcome sight to see a breakfast oriented headline on the front of the day’s paper.  



The Tiffin experience was certainly one to be repeated in my book.  All I have to do now is find out if they will deliver to my desk!