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Angelic breakfast

Friday, July 17th, 2009

To a certain extent, how you perform when everything’s going well is the easy bit of any business. How you perform when things go wrong is the harder part. As it turns out, the Breakfast Club are pretty good at the hard part. Within a couple of hours of posting the account of our unfortunate Wednesday experience, an email popped into my inbox offering, along with an effusive apology, the opportunity of a complimentary reprise at any of the Breakfast Club branches.

Angel Breakfast Club

As Breakfast Wednesday-ers are inclined to agree with hobbits, that second breakfasts are a phenomenon to be encouraged whenever possible, we were happy to accept.

On turning up at the Angel branch at 9.30am on Saturday we joined the throng outside waiting for it to open. Once inside, everything was clockwork. A glorious array of exotic Smoothies made its way to our table unprobelmatically. The commendable elements of our previous experience – the pancakes and the friendliness of the staff – were replicated – and thankfully the less impressive elements were not in evidence at all. Cooked breakfasts arrived in good time, and were both hot and wholesome. The staff were fresh-faced and friendly. It’s not hard to see what the crowds were queueing up for.

But to the essential part – the food.

Although tempted by the pancakes on the basis of our previous visit, in the end I couldn’t resist the allure of the Chorizo Hash Browns. Appeasing the health-concious side of the psyche is a generous accompanying salad, but fulfilling the sumptuous promise of the title were two succulent Chorizo sausages and a mound of rather unusual hash browns. These were sliced rather than grated potato, fried up together with onion, herbs and a bit of mystery sauce. An original take on the cooked breakfast staple that was both tasty and filling. Accompanied by a perfect fried egg and a large mushroom, the dish very much lived up to its promise.

Chorizo breakfast

The Full Monty cooked breakfast lived up to its name, with enough calories to see you through an Arctic marathon with enough left over to feed the huskies dragging your supply sled – two, fried eggs, black pudding, bacon, an enoormous sausage, chunky toast, beans, and some more of those curious hash browns.

Fully Monty

Cinammon apple on toast was exactly as described, and arrived in generous proportion. In short, this was everything that Wednesday should have been. On a good day, the Breakfast Club certainly is the place for something a bit different, and based on this experience I would certainly have no qualms about recommending it. It’ll set you back a bit more than the average greasy spoon, for sure – but if you’re looking for a venue with a vibe, and a menu that goes off the beaten track this might well be up your street.

cinammon toast

Of course, there is no way to judge which of our two visits was the most representative – but the queue outside at opening seemed to suggest that the Breakfast Club has achieved a reputation in the Islington area commensurate with the better of our experiences. Perhaps you’ll have to just try it and see for yourself.

Banking on a good July breakfast

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Location of Breakfast: Corney and Barrow Wine Bar

Date of Breakfasting: Wednesday 8th July

Nearest tube is Bank

Location: 1 Leadenhall Place (inside the Lloyds of London building .. yes, inside)

Not immediately obvious – look for the two flights of grey granite steps and a printed cloth logo on a pole outside.

A map can be found here:

View Larger Map

Check this map on the website for a more precise location

There’s apparently an out door terrace, so if the weather is good we can hopefully soak up some sun whilst enjoying our morning repast.

P.S. Check back soon for an update on a very different experience than the one below at the Breakfast Club in Angel ..