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I can resist everything except temptation

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Apologies in advance that this is probably going to be a quick and dirty post, so much like the breakfast really.

Not that it was bad mind, just more towards the cheap and cheerful end of the spectrum, but at £3 for a full english I really can’t complain


As you can see, it was a bit bean heavy, but also had a fair amount of bacon, sausage and eggs (that seem to have disappeared in the contrast) and toast, so standard stuff.

Um, yeah, I am kind of struggling to say much about it as it was just so ordinary… so right, next month then, there are vague plans to posh it up a little so check back later to see if we manage to organise that.

The Last Temptation

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Having been thwarted in our last attempt to succumb to Temptation, I popped by at 8.30am-ish after our Amici breakfast to double-check on its state. Finding it well and truly open, I popped in to enquire whether or not it was actually supposed to open in time for our purposes – and, having been assured by the proprieter that being closed at 7.30am was an unfortunate aberration rather than an intentional situation, we’ve decided to give them another go. A sort of Last Temptation, if you will.

Yes, terrible, I know. But in any case, that is where we will be heading this Wednesday. The details are as before – but to save you scrolling down two posts, here’s they are again:

Breakfasting venue: The Tempation

Date of Breakfasting: Wednesday 11th November

Time: As per usual – 7:30am – 8:30am, drop in whenever!

Nearest tube is: Covent Garden or Temple

Location: 45 Aldwych

Unfortunately the Google Streetview picture for this was clearly snapped on a dim and dismal day, and at a time when the neon sign was turned off … however you should just about be able to see the place. For navigational purposes, it is immediately to the right of the Waldorf Hotel, so should be reasonably easy to locate.

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