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April Breakfast – Paramount

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

**** UPDATE! Due to unavoidable circumstances, April Breakfast now moved to 27 April ****

OK, a couple of things are different this month … so don’t say I didn’t warn you!  First, since I’m on a Hebridean island on the second Wednesday in April I have decreed that Breakfast Wednesday will take place on the third Wednesday instead.

Second, since Paramount doesn’t open until 8am, breakfast will start half an hour later than usual.  I’m not sure if we need to book for this place, still have to check that.  If you’re planning on coming then let me know in any case and I will book for as many ayes as I have by the end of the week before.

Oh, and this place is at the top of the Centre Point skyscraper … so allow yourself time to get all the way up!  Without further ado ..

Breakfasting venue:  Paramount

Date of Breakfasting: Wednesday 20th April

Time: 8:00am – 9:00am … drop in whenever!

Nearest tube is:  Tottenham Court Road /Holborn

Location: 103 Oxford Street, WC1A 1DD (click for map)


Dining at Diana’s

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

After an unwelcome break, it was certainly good to be back breakfasting again last month – however I’m afraid that I won’t be starting a new Cult of Diana if the experience at the breakfasting temple dedicated to her is anything to go by.   The food was OK, but that’s as far as I would go really – ‘good’ would seem a little over the top, while ‘average’ possibly seems a little harsh.


But let’s start with what really was good – the egg.  A finer fried egg would be hard to come by, and I have sampled quite a few.   The service was unreproachable – no fanfare and no fancy frills, just food ordered and food delivered in straightforward fashion.   Of the rest, there was nothing fundamentally wrong – just all thoroughly unremarkable, fairly forgettable fare.

In fairness, I must add a bonus mark for the decor – a brilliantly chaotic mish-mash of old black and white photos of goodness knows who, proper caff-interior fittings and a selection of dated posters from random newspapers.   I sat next to a poster of all the British Prime Ministers from Sir Robert Walpole, along with their terms in office, and common nicknames.

Overall though, I really can’t see what sent the esteemed LRB reviewer quite so weak at the knees, unless she gets faint at the sight of mediocrity.  Many better breakfasts to be had.

Apologies and a Diana special

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

First of all, apologies to anybody who turned up at Regency Cafe and discovered my absence – unfortunately, I took rather ill late on the Tuesday night and was unable either to get out to the Breakfast or to put any kind of timely update on the site.

Fortunately New Cross Walk-in centre did me right – however February breakfast sort of disappeared in a blur of 12-hour days at work.   However, it would be criminal indeed to miss the 5th Birthday of the Breakfast Wednesday!   And all that time to ponder has left me with an even better idea than going back to the Regency, good though it was.   For the last few years, I’ve always been sorry to have missed out on what sounded like one of our standout breakfasts, by virtue of being abroad at the time.

Thus, this Wednesday, we will return to a caff described by the London Review of Breakfasts as “so masterful in the art of making breakfast, that it makes me just want to fall to my knees and weep hot tears of joy” – Diana’s Diner.

  • Date: March 9th 2011
  • Time: around 7:30am til 9:00am
  • Cafe: Diana’s Diner
  • Address: 39 Endell Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9BA – map here

For future reference, we’ve had a special request to have breakfast at Paramaount (at the top of the Centrepoint building) – and having had a look at the menu and the setting, I have to confess that it looks pretty irresistable.  I am therefore proposing that April’s breakfast take place there.

I am also taking the executive decision, given that I am on holiday in the second week of April, that on this one solitary occasion Breakfast Wednesday will be on the third Wednesday of the month – the 20th April.