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December Breakfast

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Breakfasting venue: The Fox and Anchor

Date of breakfasting: 8am, 18 December 2013

Location: 115 Charterhouse Street EC1M 6AA

Nearest Tube is: Barbican

Drift into the morning

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

November’s breakfast was a return visit of sorts – back in the Heron Tower, but this time at ground level rather than the heady heights of Duck and Waffle.  In retrospect, it would have been better to return to a tried and tested purveyor of top quality fare, but you live and learn. 

The Drift Bar offers an enticing array of breakfast options from the traditional full English to the entirely original (in the Brekmeister’s experience) “Breakfast Club Sandwich” and the rather promising “Californian Kick Start”.   Unfortunately the reality doesn’t quite live up to the promise. 


What can certainly be said though is that Drift like to do everything with a bit of style, whether it’s delivering your full English to the table complete in skillet, having the most elaborately decorated breakfast menu I’ve so far seen, or serving up the “Kickstart” in top trendy style, on one of those wooden chopping board style slabs.  Obviously they didn’t get around to reading our review of the Anthologist’s similar serving choice.


Likewise, the club sandwich arrived, looking very impressive – and accompanied the perennial dilemma of how exactly one goes about eating such a thing as a club sandwich.  The sad truth is, however, that surmounting that challenge was probably the most satisfactory part of the experience, as the sandwich itself as a meal didn’t really have much about it to speak of.  Perhaps smothering all the vital elements of breakfast in a stack of slightly chewy toast is not the best way to go about bringing out their qualities, but whatever it is the Breakfast Club Sandwich certainly isn’t a show-stopper.

The overall verdict on the other dishes comes in a similar vein – the Californian Kickstarter had disappointingly little kick to it, and the once the novelty of eating from a skillet has worn off (after approximately 30 seconds), the full English does not manage to distinguish itself particularly in any other way.  Verdict – come here for a drink maybe, but if it’s breakfast you’re after then drift on upstairs to the Duck and Waffle where you’ll get a proper treat.