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Jose Pizarro

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

First off – finding the location.  If you’ve not been to Broadgate Circus before, you can spend quite a while wandering around it before you realise there’s a lower level.  That is where Jose Pizarro’s is.  This minor hurdle traversed, prepare yourself for a high class eating experience.


Initial impressions are promising, with a gleaming interior, albeit rather sparsely attended, both on the client and the staff side. The staff are clearly still getting the hang of the systems, as we spend several minutes of our coffee time enduring a piercing smoke alarm until they figure out how to turn it off.

Teething problems aside (and they do still have some way to go before they threaten the all-time record held by the Troy Cafe, of three smoke alarm incidents in the space of one breakfast), it is a smooth and pleasant experience.


The ‘full Spanish’ option is certainly the best of the various Iberian options that Breakfast Wednesdays has sampled so far. The prosciutto is delicious, and the thick rolls of juicy chorizo are absolutely delicious. The chips (sorry, patatas fritas)are just the right portion size and perfectly done, and oyster mushrooms are exactly the right choice to accompany this feast of flavour.


If the full plate affair is a bit to much for you to contend with before work, Jose offers a range of gentler-on-the-digestion alternatives, including Sobrasada on toast, with honey & Mahon cheese. Duly enlightened as to what sobrasada actually is (basically it is sausage spread), we tried this also. The verdict: excellent.

Overall breakfasting experience: superb. Definitely one to try .. and if you manage to get in before the crowds discover this place exists, then consider yourself lucky!