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I did it Eastway

Monday, October 5th, 2015

It’s a sad month for Breakfast Wednesday, as we note with mournful heart the end of the road for London Review of Breakfasts.  LRB was a repository of all that was best about breakfast on the net – fantastic write-ups, mouth-watering snaps and good humour to boot.  Fortunately this treasure trove of breakfasting wit and wisdom will not be lost to us, but there will be no more additions.  Farewell LRB, you have served us well.   One fewer cheat’s route to finding a new breakfast spot!

But as always, the end of one era is the beginning of another.  The Brekmeister is most pleased to confim his induction as a Fellow of the English Breakfast Society – a most worthy addition to the web presence of upholders of the mighty institution of breakfast worldwide.

With that aside, it is time to survey the breakfast offering at Eastway, by Liverpool Street Station.  The restaurant is attached to a hotel and, rather unassuming from the outside, is a hustling hubbub inside.   The sheer force of numbers makes it fairly inconceivable that the trade is purely, or even largely hotel guests – clearly it has acquired a reasonable reputation as an early morning dining destination, which is a good sign.  The menu does not disappoint either – all the essential breakfast options present and correct, and even the offer of a smoked kipper for those of that inclination.  Neither of this morning’s attendees being of that inclination, we opt instead for the Full English.


This is prompty rustled up, along with the requisite coffee and looks a fine affair – as indeed it is – all perfectly cooked, the sausages being the master of the plate as far as quality goes, but with no disappointments anywhere.  The one curiosity of the offering is the provision of little pats of butter to accompany the fried bread.  This is such a unique practice that I decide I must try out the experience in case I am missing something.  Indeed I have been missing something – and that something is the feeling of pure fat coursing through your veins like you just shot up with catering size can of pure cooking oil.  Don’t try at home.


That near-death experience aside, this is a great choice for a good fry up brekkers, and you’ll certainly struggle to find a better cooked egg, just look at these beauties!  Glorious!