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November Breakfast – Lower East Side Deli

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Breakfasting venue: Lower East Side Deli

Date of breakfasting: 8am, Wednesday 18th November

Location: 28 Scrutton Street, EC2A 4RP

Nearest tube: Old Street

Go Kopapa!

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Continuing our ongoing odyssey to discover new and exciting breakfast experiences, October was the month for a taste of down under with Kiwi contender Kopapa. Despite what the wisdom of the internet is liable to tell you, .Kopapa is not at Turkish outfit, but is the brainchild of a couple of New Zealanders

As such it apparently has a semi-mythic status in the London Kiwi community as a place to offer a taste of home, or at least a feel of home – and their menu does appear to offer a few “off the beaten track” options, so it seems worth a look in. I arrive ten minutes before 8, and operation opening up is clearly still in progress with the door locked, so I perch at a table outside for the requisite ten minutes. I’m still not sure why some places seem to prefer their potential customers to loiter out in the cold than to invite them to come and sit in at least, even if they can’t order until the ‘official’ opening time.

Full English doesn’t really seem to be making the most of the opportunity here (not to mention that it isn’t really a proper option on the menu, and would have to be constructed from a combination of the egg dishes with various sides (I suppose that being a proudly non-British institution, one can’t really argue that the presence of the Full English should be compulsory, but come on guys … a courtesy tip of the hat to your physical location is always going to be a winner!)

As it is, Brekmeister goes fully native and opts for the spiced banana French toast, grilled bacon, orange blossom labne, tamarind raisin relish and orange vanilla syrup – despite only knowing what approximately half of the ingredients actually are. But what the hell, it sounds exotic, right? With a side of chorizo, more as a backup plan than anything else. Co-breakfaster plumps sensibly for the slightly more straightforward Turkish eggs (from Changa restaurant, Istanbul, allegedly).



The Turkish eggs are a veritable grease-bath, it turns out. One of the advantages I suppose of offering weird and wonderful options is that it’s harder for people to tell what they are actually supposed to be like, and despite the potential hypocrisy of a self-avowed aficionado of the greasy-spoon breakfast raising qualms about the greasiness of a breakfast, there is something about two eggs served floating in a bowl of oil that just feels like it could do with some refining, even if that is how it’s supposed to be.


The French toast was, well, certainly good for what it was – although it did unfortunately confirm my preference against sugar-laden starts to the gastronomic day. No blame for anyone but myself there, however – although even with that consideration put aside, it seems pertinent to note that the exotic and delicate flavours suggested by the dish description are a bit lost in the whole sweetness explosion of the dish. In fact, it’s even a bit of a task to taste the bacon through all the sugar at some points. In that sense, the chorizo is indeed a bit of a reprieve, and certainly comes in generous quantity.


An honourable mention for the coffee, which is certainly invigorating. If I came here again, I’d make a better choice of dish – but at £10 for any of the fry-up options, none of which appear to consist of any more than 3 items, it’s certainly an expensive place to go for what I would consider to be a proper fry up breakfast once you’ve added the requisite sides to fill it out – and at that stage there are many better options. So I probably won’t be coming again.