Trial by fire alarm at Troy once again …

True to form, the smoke alarm at Troy once again interrupted proceedings. Sadly, they have also increased the price of the Turkish breakfast by 20%, so it’s now £5 instead of £4 .. no longer such good value. However, to make up for these disappointments, turnout was at its best for several months with six hardy Breakfasters, including one attendee who found us on the interweb – yay!

Breakfast at Tory

More breakfast at Troy

Even more Troy breakfasting

Next breakfast is at Muratori – can’t wait for this. It’s always full of posties when I cycle past, which I take to be a stamp of good quality.

3 Responses to “Trial by fire alarm at Troy once again …”

  1. Full English says:

    right, what’s the plan for the next breakfast? in that while yes i know it’s at Muratori’s but what date have you organised (should be the 11th, but you’ve mentioned the 18th elsewhere)

    oh and after having been informed that your pics are blocked at certain work places (instead of keeping them as they are and supporting attempts to crack down on internet use during work) i’ve moved them all over to the gallery – oh how exciting?!?

  2. The posties first choice is the caff further up the road on the corner of Farringdon Rd and Theobalds. Can’t remember what it’s called, but it used to do a stunning breakfast. Decor leaves something to be desired, tho… 😉

  3. Brekmeister says:

    Hmm, I will have to check this out – perhaps this can be the November’s venue, since I think we are set to go to the Worker’s Caff on Upper Street in October.