Bagels: the breakfast with a hole

okay minions, you have a task – help pick the next venue!

while we know the general location (ie brick lane) we need an actual place to eat – from what i can tell, we’ve got the choice of either Beigel Bake or the Beigel Shop; however i haven’t been able to find any info on two important things, namely provision seating and coffee

i would scout the place out myself, but i’m naively hoping that through the mystical power of the internet i won’t have to

prove me right by filling in the blanks on those two places or leaving your suggestion for somewhere else; you’ve got one week, after which time i’ll pick the best one and we’ll go there – just remember, it needs to serve coffee and bagels, have enough seating for us all, and be on/near brick lane

ta muchly

2 Responses to “Bagels: the breakfast with a hole”

  1. Full English says:

    here’s brick lane, or at least the top part of one side of the road; anyway the two bagel places are over on the right – exciting eh?

  2. Brekmeister says:

    Well, I have visited the hallowed ground on which Beigel Bake and Beigel Shop stand, and can report that they both serve copious amounts of very cheap bagels. Not only this, but there is a rather superb looking coffee shop wedged neatly inbetween them, which opens at 7am.

    This all bodes very well, and may possibly make up for the fact that there are actually no seats in either of the Beigel outlets. Although Beigel Bake does appear to have a countertop where you can stand and read a paper whilst you down your bagel brekkie.

    There’s actually a ton of coffee shops in the vicinity too – including one just opposite the end of Brick Lane, which appears to be located inside a surf shop(?) and purports to sell Fairtrade coffee. Mmm!