A dog’s breakfast

Well, only if you go by the art. It’s a given that caffs have to have some sort of naff hanging material on the walls, but this place goes waaaay beyond the call of duty. But (hopefully) in a self-concious kind of way. However, the menu board is suitably expansive and provides a massive array of options for all and sundry. The quality of the breakfasting nosh was high, with eggs done just right, and it’s good to see somewhere that actually offers hash browns, which appear to be a frequent omission from many menus.

My only complaint would be that it does seem a little measly to provide only one sausage on a standard set breakfast.   However it seems petty to split such hairs, as they did not bat an eyelid at my standard request to substitute an alternative for the beans – on this occasion, a mighty fine fried tomato.  The bacon was done just to my taste – soft, succulent and tasty.  Coffee, which can also prove a danger area in some venues, was also good.

An admirable turnout this month, aided by the school holidays which meant that some education professionals who are usually unable to attend were dragged out of bed at an unsociably early hour to join the fun.  No doubt, also encouraged by our new professional look with the official “Breakfast Wednesdays” table placard.  So no excuse now for you lurkers who are thinking about turning up, but not sure how to pick us out at the caff … just look for the sign!

Also the first breakfast, to my knowledge, where the Brekmeister has had to go back and pick up the tab for someone who deviously sneaked off without paying (the shameless offender claims absent mindedness .. a likely story!)  The caff staff were very bemused when I turned back up at lunch time to pay up – seems they didn’t even notice.  Must be because everyone else tipped so much 🙂

Andrews Art

Menu board


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  1. GaryPM says:

    I’ve added this post on StumbleUpon. Thats got to be the best English breakfast I’ve ever seen!

    I have some cafe reviews that you can feature on your blog. Could you email me to discuss further?