Breakfast in the Borough

As August’s tender tendrils tentatively take root, the time for Breakfast tip-toes near once more. This month, the hallowed ground will be found at 57 Borough High Street, home to the estimable provider of provender, Cafe Rossi.

The usual rules apply. For the uninitiated, the rules are basically that you do what you like. We’ll be there from 7.30am till around about 8.30am – if you fancy coming along, just turn up at any point roughly in that span. Look for the Breakfast Wednesdays sign (if we’ve remembered to bring it – if not, just cast your eyes around for the usual suspects as evidenced in photos from past breakfasts), plonk yourself down, order your brekkie, and enjoy the scintillating conversation proffered by an ecclectic assortment of Londoners, stimulated by a fine breakfast and a strong coffee … or, if you prefer, just grunt and scowl in that early morning kind of way.  Either way, we’ll be glad to see you!

Here’s a photo and a map to help you find your way:

Cafe Rossi

a quick edit: I’m sure you all know but just in case, the closest tube is London Bridge

One Response to “Breakfast in the Borough”

  1. PC says:

    Londonist has posted a brief note on Breakfast Wednesdays, giving people a heads up for this week. Glad you included a recap in the above post for any new folks who come this way.