About Breakfast Wednesday

There are two fairly universal dilemmas for London-livers.  Where to eat, and how to meet people (whether that be new people, or people that you already know). 

Where to eat – the perennial question.  An endless stream of magazines and newspaper supplements will relate to you, in incessant detail, of all the places that it is possible to spend a week’s wages on a ‘meal’ consisting of a walnut carved into the shape of a swan, or some such nonsense – and an alarming bevvy of big brands all bellow their superiority from an intimidating array of billboards, posters and blaring adverts to ensure your non-evening meal food spend is sucked into their bland homogenous mass.

How to meet people – you know how it is, everyone’s busy one night, out the other night, too tired to slog into town another night.  Even meeting up with the people that you do know can be arduous in London, never mind meeting new people.

Under such conditions, the outlook seems bleak – but fortunately, Breakfast Wednesday is at hand! 

  • You get cheap food, in central London;
  • it doesn’t clash with your other commitments because it happens at such an ungodly hour that no sane person would be doing anything else
  • thus your friend, who you’ve been trying to catch up with for months, can’t refuse your invitation to come along
  • you get to meet a healthy assortment of friendly (if a little sleepy) people, over a distinctly unhealthy meal

Some have asked “Why Wednesday?”  Let it not be said that they went unanswered:  when you hit that mid-week wall, when the next weekend is not quite in reach and the last weekend has slipped out of memory, you need something to pick you up, to keep you going.  You need Breakfast Wednesday. 

Likewise, the second Wednesday of the month, you’re likely as not half way from one pay-day to the next .. you want something to keep your spirits high, but not to break the bank.  You want Breakfast Wednesday.

our motto: ‘per popino, ad pabulum’ (in English , very roughly, that’s “good grub from good guvs”)

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